My name is Jayme del Rosario. Helllooooo!

I’m a traveler, a writer, and an entrepreneur.

I believe I was born to travel, take pictures, and tell stories with it. I hope my stories inspire you to travel and to live the life you imagined. Because following your heart never goes out of style.

In 2010, I pivoted my hollow life in the [possibly lucrative] nursing industry to a liberating, makes-my-heart-beat-fast world of travel and entrepreneurship.

I plan to tick off all 80 provinces in the Philippines, 197 countries, and all 7 continents of the world off my bucket list slowly but deeply.

So far, I’ve been to 40 provinces, 19 countries, 3 continents, in my 31 years on earth and so much more to go! I hope to live a long enough life to finish this bucket list off.

I’m finding the intersection between living this life and working for this life I imagined.

If you live to work instead of work to live, you might want to read how nobody in their deathbeds wished that they worked more.


My Travelthon is an attempt to immortalize all my travels and share the beauty, the culture, and the idiosyncrasies of the Philippines and of the world.

You see, I have a Dory memory.

The urge to write about my travels started after my overwhelming trip to the Holy Land.

I didn’t want to forget how I felt, what I saw, and all the real life, in the flesh, lessons only travel can present best.

Then I did it again for Paris and Italy.

There was just too much I didn’t want to forget. I had to write. I had to make an archive.

Travelthon became my memory capsule. I later decided to collect all my past trips and gather them all here to help me remember, to perk me up when life isn’t nice, and eventually became the convenient link I direct friends to help them plan their own trips.

To travel the world, like life, is a marathon. It’s never a sprint. There’ll be country medleys e.g Southeast Asian/Eurotours, single journeys, and there’ll be time for pacing and travel hiatus.

My original blog domain was travelthon. I thought it was an odd word but aptly describes how I feel about travel. I thought I wouldn’t have any problem securing the domain in the future when I decided to invest on it. To my horror, somebody’s auctioning it for $10,000!!! Insane. But smart, whoever s/he is. So now I’m here on mytravelthon.com. Welcome!

Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy my travelthons!

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(Traveler’s in transit. Pardon hanging posts. )

Jayme’s Story from Jacinto & Lirio on Vimeo.