The Batcave

From Mount Nebo, we drove for about 2 hours or so, traffic included, to our hotel in the capital Amman. As we approach the center, I noticed on traffic pauses how people are so good looking. Each person in the driver seat paraded on the other lane like it was a good-looking feast of some sort. I thought it was an early dinner treat.

Waiting at the hotel lobby for our room assignments

We rushed to the buffet dinner shortly after settling down in our assigned room. In the mezzanine were a variety of Mediterranean and Arabic food. With this menu, I never got buffet-full.

Before we alight the bus, Rahid, our handsome local tour guide, informed us that there’s a commercial complex fronting the hotel just in case we needed anything. Right after dinner, we all wanted to experience the local community so we went out and roamed around. Surprisingly, we were greeted with a cool breeze as soon as we stepped out of the sliding hotel door. It was like Baguio in January! There is so much promise in this country, I’m loving it.

Walking along, the locals kept looking at me like they were only seeing my kind of specie for the first time.Boy it went on consistently at every turn! Looking around, getting more curious about their behavior towards me, there weren’t much Filipinos or Asians. I must be that foreign-looking girl like how we used to see white people in our country.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah 

I was as interested and amused looking at each of the locals. They were all beautiful, men and women alike. Queen Rania is a very good representation of how beautiful their people are.They have good set of features, perfectly combined. Each Jordanian can come to the Philippines and become a celebrity.

Already pleased being surrounded by very beautiful people in a perfect weather, I was captured even more by the brand of hospitality they genuinely showed like it was second nature. It was almost like a Filipino hospitality. I felt at home, only with fair-skinned, angelic faces.

I can see now why Philippine tourists say that the Philippines, despite being far less developed, is a beautiful country because if its people. I can say the same for Jordan. It wasn’t at par with its neighboring countries in terms of development, but it’s far more beautiful for me, I know I’m coming back.