Farthest country I’ve been from the Philippines with a dragging 10 hour flight via Gulf Air. The Middle East is a totally different culture from what I grew up in. A lot of times I have to pinch myself to awaken from the unbelievable setting I’m in, the tradition, the costume, the beliefs, the people. the food.

First desert experience. First winter. First terribly hot summer at 40 degrees plus. Car show galore all the time. Luxury cars come out ordinarily. Very different tongue, but thank God they speak English unlike Korea.

Country awarmed by so much Indians, sometimes it makes you feel like you are in India.
First work out of the country- first OFW mode. First great buy from own pocket-my Iphone 4. First remittance to the Philippines. First major sponsorship.

Transport system, not much PUVs. Traditional treatment to women, conservative, all covered up. First international drive, on a BMW! First visit to a concept of Middle Eastern souq, their own version of a flea market. First almost grand prix experience. First united nations of co-workers-turned friends. Disbelief  to a lot of things, ways, beliefs.

The first time I felt most proud to be Filipino in a foreign country. The foreign country I saw most number of celebrities. First international buy and sell.

Apparently there are just so many firsts.

Bahrain’s World Trade Center

Those windmills are designed to generate wind power to help resolve energy issues in the region.

The now demolished Pearl Roundabout
Bahrain International Circuit. Home of the motorsport in the Middle East
Zallaq Beach
The Oil Museum

What else will they preserve and put in a museum here but oil!

The famous Tree of Life

The only tree that has survived in this desert for 300 years without a clear source of water.