There was a reason why I missed Bohol the first time. The first attempt was an invitation to go for the holy week with the whole highschool barkada. I begged off because it has been a family tradition to spend the week together.This second opportunity, I wouldn’t let Bohol elude me once again. I finally arrived on an adventurous vacation, with no concrete plans except for the flight itinerary, the first night accommodation, and the plan to explore and find a place along the beach the next day.

The Batcave

Bohol Divers’ Resort

We scouted the stretch of Alona beach and Bohol Divers’ Resort won the bid.

The Places/ Experiences

Bohol’s most famous tarsier


Trying to look like one
Loboc River
One of the stopovers of  Loboc’s floating restaurant

The locals performs in front of the tourists with local music and folk dances. It was so lively and festive, you would want to dance and sing along with them!

Baclayon Church. The oldest church in the Philippines




Chocolate Hills


Fooling around in front of the Chocolate Hills