You will always find something else to discover the second time, and that couldn’t be more true backed up by more places I saw this time around. I thought I had everything covered during my first ever trip to Bohol. Oh boy, was I wrong!

Tagbilaran Domestic Airport

The Batcave
Coco Grove Boutique Inn
Cherry’s Home

Only in Bohol

Baclayon Church

Rio Verde floating resto | Loboc River Cruise

Buffet lunch while the boat cruises the river with guitar strings in the background? We hopped off bloated!

Stop over at the tribe

Chocolate Hills

Loboc Man-made forest

Man made? I asked that, too! All trees planted by good stewards of the earth!

Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area

Tarsier quick facts:

  1. Smallest primates
  2. nocturnal
  3. they feed on insects
  4. territorial
  5. Very suicidal beings induced by stress; stressed by touch, flash, insensitive humans! hah!

Hanging bridge

Good practice for the faint-hearten. When I come back, I want to be surprised by what they add at the end of the bridge

Dolphin Watching

We were ready to go at 4am. FOUR AM! These mammals are early birds dolphins I tell you! And quite camera show-offs, too!

Island Hopping

Ahh a heart string pulled everytime I see a rainbow

Balicasag Island lighthouse

Virgin Island Sandbar


Sandbars appear on low tides and hibernate when the water go high. We indulged in the thought of swimming quite literally in the middle of the sea. When the sky started to darken, thoughts of drowning as water rush in got a few of us paranoid, a little immobile, and bringing life vests as we walk the length of the bar just to see what’s on the other side while we wait for the impending rain to pass by. It did not and the chilly air from the other side got us shaking back to our boat.
That trip also got some of us jealous of the private owners of the island. What? Somebody literally owns an island in my country? We trespassed #LikeABoss.

Shell Museum
Hinagdanan Cave

The entertaining guides made it a fun walk inside

Dauis Church

Bayoyoy Sidetrip
Bohol Bee Farm Tour

Panglao beach




I came home from a year stint in Bahrain with a yes mind set and an unexpected invitation to travel to Bohol the second time didn’t escape my yes. These surprises are some of the fondest memories we make. More so if we spend these moments with the people who make wearing life vests on a sand bar just because high tide might sweep us drowning in the middle of the sea make sense. :p

This travelthon is far from over. Pinatubo, you’re next!