Love brought me here.

I didn’t have a good first impression. It was highly rated, I had extremely high expectations for all the things that have been said, it has ever since been a picture of paradise.

At first sight, I thought it was overrated as a congested area full of vacation houses and shops bombarded me. My heart was starting to shrink.

Then as I dove deeper, stared longer, its beauty keeps shining and popping out such that it brings you to a space of natural high, of pure beauty, of wonder.

Pristine blue waters, white sand, serene paradise, party, Jona’s unbelievable shake, great vibe. Words are not enough, pictures neither, to try to give an idea of what the place is like. You have to go out and experience it for yourself.

 Leaving the place really broke my heart. I will be back for sure. Over and over.