My Travel Bucket List always guides where I go next. It has to be something new, one new item crossed. Done 34/86.

  1. Own a travel finds-filled home
  2. Go to Spain
  3. Learn French and actually converse in France
  4. Learn Spanish and converse in Spanish. After seeing Pope Francis at the Vatican, we found ourselves in a cramped bus full of worldwide travelers. I chanced upon a friendly Peruvian and tried my mighty best to practice my level 2 Spanish.
  5. Go to Europe. France and Italy check!
  6. Stay in an artsy hostel. First try in Kuala Lumpur. Next in Bangkok.
  7. Watch Oprah show live
  8. Go to Palawan
  9. Go to Davao
  10. See the Pope at the Vatican. What a feeling at the Vatican Square to be one with the world.
  11. See the Colloseo. Rome’s Colloseo was majestic and surreal!
  12. See the Eiffel Tower. Oh Paris, you are love!
  13. Experience winter Christmas. Heard one Christmas mass in Rome. Spent another Christmas with the family in Hongkong.
  14. Walk in the concrete jungle of New York.  Finally knew why I was looking forward to New York.
  15. Watch a Broadway show. Saw 2, slept on the longest running Broadway one– The Phantom of the Opera. My bad.
  16. Meet friends somewhere in the world. Oh yes, exhilarating! 3 friends: 1 flew in from Canada, another from Jersey, and the 3rd was a super random meet-up, all roads led to LA!
  17. See the fuss about the Hollywood. Even took the TMZ bus for the Hollywood buzz.
  18. See the Angkor Wat. This Cambodian expedition was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider film.
  19. Travel Southeast Asia. Did Malaysia on a solo trip, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand done, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, East Timor soon!
  20. Get lost in Venice. Randomly did get lost in the narrow alleys of Venice.
  21. Visit Bohol. With lover and friends, I did. Bohol was unexpectedly expensive!
  22. See Greece
  23. Experience the shopping haven of Milan. Milan window shopping, we did! haha
  24. Taste the gelato in Florence. In the freezing air of winter in Florence, why not!
  25. Taste authentic Italian pizza and pasta. Pizza in Venice was good. Tried pasta in Milan, it was bland to be honest. At least I got another perspective on world food.
  26. Travel alone in a totally different continent. Stayed in a house of a person I just met. She’s now a dear friend. Braved the train and bus systems. Navigated myself by myself in Los Angeles!
  27. See Turkey
  28. Swim in the enchanted river of Surigao
  29. Get lightheaded in the colors of Morocco
  30. Own a travelers cafe
  31. Voluntour somewhere in the world
  32. Go to Batanes. Batanes is still one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines for me.
  33. Learn to Surf. Learned and stood in Baler.
  34. Roam a town on Motorcycle. Saw the whole of Bantayan Island on the backride.
  35. Dance in Ati-atihan. People went drunk crazy in Kalibo, Aklan!
  36. See a camel in (person) animal. Humongous camels in Bahrain and Dubai.
  37. Get published in a travel magazine
  38. Win a travel photography contest
  39. See what’s up in Bali
  40. Try bungee jumping
  41. See the Banaue Rice Terraces. It was raining, we can’t trek so we photographed the rice terraces from afar instead. 2015, finally was able to do the whole trek. It punished my physically unprepared body!
  42. Work in a foreign country. Experienced being an expat in Bahrain. Did copywriting in an ad agency.
  43. See the Burj Khalifa. Dubai has the fascination for creating tallest, grandest, craziest things.
  44. Visit the Holy Land. Our Holy Land tour was life changing.
  45. Swim in the dead sea. I floated in the dead sea! There was no way I’d drown! Amazing!
  46. Experience desert safari. Our Dubai 4×4 driver was young, adventurous, and made me almost puke.
  47. Hike to the summit. Did Mt Pulag, Mt Iraya in Batanes and I’m not sure I’m hiking any more summits! haha!
  48. Drown in Peruvian textiles and colors!
  49. Sky dive!
  50. Visit the queen
  51. Join a foreign tour group. Our first stop was in Mt Nebo in Jordan
  52. Walk the wonder of Petra. Traversed the pink rose dusty road to see Petra‘s Treasury with a guardian stray dog
  53. Go to Japan
  54. See the Great Wall of China
  55. Swoon in Brazil
  56. Walk in Myanmar
  57. Get to the top of Macchu Pichu
  58. See the Taj Mahal
  59. Ride a hot air balloon
  60. Ride a helicopter
  61. Backpack Europe
  62. Backpack South America
  63. Visit Africa
  64. See Maldives
  65. Photograph the Northern Lights
  66. See an actual polar bear
  67. Feel the energy of a world cup live
  68. Experience watching an Olympics game live
  69. Get published on a local travel blog
  70. Get published on an international travel blog
  71. Photograph the Cherry Blossoms. Hanami in Tokyo was such a blossom.
  72. Experience a white Christmas
  73. Photograph Holi Festival in India
  74. Feel the vibe in Mardi Gras
  75. Visit all 80 provinces of the Philippines
  76. Visit all 7 continents of the world
  77. Visit all 194 countries of the world
  78. Enjoy the Swedish massage in Sweden
  79. Experience Norway’s Fjords
  80. Go on a safari trip in Africa
  81. Watch a Coldplay concert anywhere in the world!
  82. Immerse with the tribesmen of Sapa Valley
  83. Experience sunset in Jebel Jais, UAE
  84. Camp in an Arabian desert under a starry sky
  85. Boat along the canals of Amsterdam
  86. Join a festival in Prague