Corregidor Sunset

If there’s one thing about Corregidor, Batanes, and Baler that tickles my fancy, that would be my mind-made image of a homey countryside, full of nothing but palpable culture and sincerity.

Baler didn’t disappoint. Batanes, I have yet to fulfill was just hands down perfect. And Corregidor, oh it was all I imagined it to be, and more.

Terminal: Sun Cruises Terminal Behind CCP

Sun Cruises is the sole tour operator and the managing company responsible for an efficient trip to Corregidor. I have my hats off to them for making me feel like touring in Singapore— very organized, clean, and world class.

The entire visit has been a glimpse of what a well-governed touring in the Philippines can be and must be. We have a capital of amazing places, we only need to make it convenient and worthy of time and effort for tourists to choose.
The Batcave: Corregidor Inn
The Sun Cruise-monopolized Corregidor accommodates overnight guests thru the humble Corregidor Inn run by the same company. It was nothing fancy, but the provision of board games for the non-touring idle times in the island sounds like a great idea for an unplugged vacation!

Only in Corregidor

There are several versions as to why the island was named Corregidor. It may mean the (vessel document) checker as “corregir” is to correct/check in Spanish; a correctional facility; or the position in the Spanish administrative system, corrigimiento.
Depending on your luck with the guide, the tour can be very informational and funny at the same time.


Sailing away
Mc Arthur’s “I shall return” | Barracks ruins
The “brave heroes” text erased by those who don’t believe these Japanese men are heroes
Caballo Island (Horse Island), together with Corregidor, served as a defense post for Manila
Malinta Tunnel, the darkness as it may have been during the war


Makeshift office of President Quezon in the tunnel during the war
Simulating one of the scenes in a lateral tunnel
The staged light and sound show was created by national artist and film director Lamberto Avellana and sculptures made by national artist Napoleon Abueva. This Malinta experience was a simulation of the struggles, the scare, the bravery in this tunnel below the ground during World War II.
Life in the tunnel
The light at the end of the tunnel
Sun Cruises Tramvia
Artillery Battery aka the home for all weapons of mass destruction :p
Cine Corregidor
American soldier carrying what looked like a really beautiful Filipina (look at those deep set eyes and cheekbones–modelesque!)
Old Spanish  Lighthouse
The view, the flags, and the fortress
Wild monkey on the loose
Sun flower
Corregidor Sunrise
Apart from the depression, and the gratitude for not having to live the life during the warring times, Corregidor is an experience I would recommend for all. An hour-quick escape from the hustle of Manila, a close-by means to feel the wind on your face in the sea, an instant entrance to Spanish era-world war II time capsule— this tadpole-shaped island is my kind of hidden garden, the poetic kind. A beautiful, peaceful place to momentarily step out of yourself and inspect life in 3d. It’s just so secluded you are awarded a segment in life sans noise of all figurative and literal kinds.

The Experience: The lateral tunnel- ghost hunting trip at night.

Since it was a tour group, one can easily shrug off the idea of how spooky it was to imagine how many dead bodies lay on those grounds we were walking on. But yes, the darkness, the ruins, the abandoned feel didn’t help (and the guy in all-black running wear who pops up out of nowhere, right Kei? <wink wink>)

The Ride: Tramvia

If you’ve been to Sentosa in Singapore, you would’ve experienced that tour bus without doors/walls on the side so you can easily hop on/off every point of interest. I didn’t expect to have that in Corregidor, of all places in the Philippines! And with very organized tour guides, too!
Tip: Book ahead. Contrary to my belief that only a few souls would want to see a seemingly “boring” Corregidor given the cost, a lot of foreign tourists and groups fill the schedule daily. So if you’re planning to visit especially on a weekend, a long weekend at that, book AHEAD to get the schedule you want!
Well, you know the drill on tours, wear something light, a comfy pair of walking shoes, sunblock, sunglasses, hat; bring bottle of water, sweets, camera, charged with extra batteries, memory cards, and an extra dose of curious and fun self!If like me, you’ve had the notion that Corregidor is part of Bataan, you have to book a trip to learn more of facts other than it’s not. It’s part of Cavite! That’s like, whoa! I don’t know at all my geography! But yes, travel helps. Travel teaches. It is, in fact, the best history teacher, by far. So buy more travel tickets, less clothes or coffee or junk food. Travel is an immersion. It’s the best get-to-know-your-country tool. It’s actually more awesome than your sociology or anthropology professor. Add to that your Philosophy subject. It gives you better perspective. So yes, I say travel on like it’s food, or water, or whichever metaphor you want to make it poetic. Travel is very good for your Literature and Humanities needs, too! TRAVEL. I can’t say it enough. Travel.
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