Dalat is the Baguio of Vietnam. It’s a 6-hour drive from the city as well. It was as cold and amazing, but with more amazing architectures from the European influences.

My first cable car ride
Giant man-made lake, Burnham park-like
Night market selling crocheted bonnets and mittens. Lovely walks on the street.

Welcome to Dalat! First stop. Dinner.


Novotel Dalat. Our palace-y accommodation for this trip

The houses were somehow of similar architectural design, each influenced by European design.
Vietnam was colonized by France, hence the amazing structural touch.

Ancient -inspired elevator


Dalat Palace turned museum

Dalat Palace used to be the royal residence. Inside are antique remnants of the ways of the past, preserved with a hint of both ancient and futuristic interiors. There were stories of whose bedroom and what important meetings transpired in specific areas of the house. Well-documented, well-recorded. It was a tour of the past.

“Ring for service” How royal.


Vintage car as vintage as the palace
local Vietnamese peddler
Streets of Dalat at day
Lunch by the giant man-made lake
The Dalat Cathedral


Vietnam’s Nuptial Shoot tradition

Yes, they pose anywhere and everywhere during their wedding day! If we have prenuptial shoots, they do it on the day itself!

We weren’t fortunate enough to experience the inside as it was temporarily closed for renovation.

Welcome to Dalat Cable Car


Home-grown vegetation under


What a sight to behold
Night market

This area is very much reminiscent of our local Baguio. There were woven and knitted items spread out on mats for sale. There were street food, and variety of night market items up for grabs. Night markets on a chilly mountain is just my picture of nostalgia.