We had an early morning train trip from Rome to Florence (which took me time to figure out as the same as Firenze, the local name) at 6am since we wanted to go back to Rome immediately at night.

Since it was the first trip at 6:13 in the morning, not the morning people that we are, we ran late
a. because we left late by schedule,
b. the station was so far from our entrance that it felt like we must have walked the entire city to get there.

Imagine the stress of looking for your train, knowing time is the enemy, and you just don’t get any near it! Missing it will totally ruin our itinerary).

Consequently,  we hopped on the train without validating our ticket (which is a no-no in European train life). Hence, an uneasy cat on board.

So my drama skills was forcefully activated. I had to convince the ticket man to consider, otherwise, we had to pay double the value of our ticket, which is not an option.

He obliged! That’s how a ruined day gets turned around. Bam!

As usual we got off Trenitalia uncertain what happens next until we found ourselves heading to San Lorenzo Market by foot which is the Disney land for leather lovers.

We bagged a few while being educated that these leather goods are either from Cow skin or Sheep skin, the latter being the more expensive one being the softer kind.

After the Florence stint, I felt like I’m some leather ninja expert of some sort!

Intricacies of Duomo

The Duomo is yet again the biggest church in Florence as intricate as ever.

Outside the DUOMO church–it’s THAT tall I had to do diagonal to fit; inside the church—candles and wishes

Notice the intricacy of the church, and that is consistent from outside to inside. OC-much!

For personal proof that I really was in Tuscany
The Medici Chapels (Cappelle medicee)
are two structures at the Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy
built with the purpose of celebrating the Medici family, patrons of the
church and Grand Dukes of Tuscany. The Sagrestia Nuova, (“New
Sacristy”), was designed by Michelangelo. (W)
The church with an entrance fee, what up?!
The Sagrestia Nuova


First courtesy call in Florence
Art in the Streets of Florence


Japanese tourists. #AsiaRepresent!


Asian tour group

Travel taught me that gelato originated from Florence so it would be a shame not to try a local gelato bar. From first lick, you will know why. It was friggin’ freezing but can’t help that Firenze gelato plus pizza plus pasta in Italy. A little piece of gastronomic heaven, you can say.

Definitely going back here for an overnighter in the flower-y side of Florence that Hollywood has  successfully portrayed as a dreamy paradise full of sunflowers, greenery, and sun. See you until then, Firenze! : j