Into that tunnel is our entrance to the Louvre. and this big bus will try to fit in there!
A date just outside the Louvre
The Louvre facade
Louvre entrance. If that is not enough to say this is huge, don’t know what will
Food court in a museum, what up?! No taking pictures in this food court! Told after this shot.
Yes, the machines get to do everything now.
Happy to see so many Asians on tour!
There’s a mall in the building!
Credits on an artsy wall?

I must admit, I was (still am) never a history person. Anything ancient, old-fashioned, dark, used up, I’m not really into these. I believe I was born for the future, the modern, the now. But I love art, anything beautiful actually.

So I went in the Louvre ready to be overwhelmed by too much history (that I’m sure I won’t be able to absorb, or follow, or understand deeply the meaning behind all the events, the dates, the purpose, the significance of all the works that deserved to be in this great museum).

Of the thousands (35,000!) there are, I can only recognize but a few and there was not much “kilig” when we met eye-to-eye probably because there was just too much to see that eventually they kind of look the same– generic.

But don’t get me wrong. There was no wow moment for the artwork, but there was that surreal feeling of being surrounded by thousands of years of spirit, of drama, of love, of greatness.

If I were in a movie, the camera would be turning around me, top view, slow mo, evoking a dreamy feel. It was like that in my head. Imagination even went wilder and weirder seeing Da Vinci and Raphael in their ancient costumes walking down the hall stewarding their masterpieces. And the scene just went from 2011 to the 1600s from jeans to corsets!

I felt the spirit of the place. The weight of it all relative to the existence of mankind. I was giggling in disbelief. By myself.

I got more fascinated though by the interior design, the way the artworks were put up, the illumination, the entrances, the couches in the middle, the littlest details that made the Louvre for me more than just the house of the arts but an art in itself.

Enjoy the virtual photographic tour of the most visited museum in the whole wide world!

The looooong walk continues
Headless Angel
Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
The crowd in front of Mona Lisa. See how guarded she is.

In the whole of the Louvre, there are guards manning each area, alarms, autolocks. But the truth is, by the length of the hall, I don’t know how anyone can steal anything and get away with it til the exit! That has got to be miles of running, a lot of security obstacles (excluding people in the way), and a whole lengthy stretch!

Literally, the WALL paper!
People of the olden times are weirder, don’t you think?
Tour groups to the left, to the right!
They are sure people will get tired, so they set up something
It’s easy to forget when inside the Louvre, that there’s a world out there
La Pieta
See, how romantic a date in this museum could be!?
And it has a special place in the middle!
Entrance to the Asian part, but it was too familiar to proceed
Out to a totally different exit! We’re lost! in a museum!


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