In the opening of 2013, we spent the holiday quite differently from tradition–we went for an out-of-town trip!

To Morong, Bataan, we came in 3 segments of vehicles. I haven’t been to the place so I was quite excited what new paradise to see. For the sunset alone, it did not disappoint!

SCTEX standby. Waiting for the third convoy party. Hailed by SCTEX police eventually

The Batcave 
Sweet Water Resort

The to-go to feature of this resort is how you own the place once you rent it out. The entire airconditioned house, the kitchen, the grounds, the shore are all for the whole group to go crazy around.
It can pass off as a retreat place, perfect for total bonding, team building, a total getaway. The seclusion is a breath of fresh air in itself.
Just don’t expect a first class hotel accommodation. For a huge place with a reasonable price to pay, there are downsides to it, so bring your pillows, blankets, and maybe a bathroom cleaner if you’re OC like that. Or just get drunk all the way so you just pass out and forget about whatever.
Eventually, we thought the lack of Globe signal was a blessing that made the trip all the more a blast. We were all detached. No business calls. No instant social networking updates. Just all back to basic– a game of Pusoy, never ending chitchats ranging from sober to funny drunk conversations, to nature and plain life. We were just all detached from the noises of the world apart from the splash of the sea or the clinking of the cheering glasses.
It could just be the best way to welcome 2013. Just all pure good vibes.
Where we spent the night, and the day, until the next night..

Bounded by mountains on both sides

The view that said hello in the morning

Mappy, and her first beach swimming exprience

Somebody made this makeshift mobile phones station because Globe signal was as it has always been for the past few years–either gone or fluctuating. Smart was as strong as in the metro.

We had this long buffet table every meal, the feast prepared by everyone. The photo is entitled, Lunch by the Sunset. Of course we woke up at lunch after a drinking marathon, marketed by afternoon, cooked, and ate right before the beautiful sunset.

We then went for a swim after a short rest taking advantage of the very ambient, photogenic setting of the sun.

Can’t wait for what 2013 holds. Having started it with a road trip, I can’t imagine how far the year can go in travels. I’m excited and I hope to publish all my travelthons as diligent as the year will allow. #ResolutionInABlogPost

We should do this more often, family members! We just survived another end of the world!

Where are you going first in 2013? Inspire me with your travel plans! Comment below! : j

Sweet Water Resort
Morong, Bataan