The flight was at lunch time so just imagine the riot in my stomach. To appease the borborygmi while waiting to board, I unlocked my luggage, unzipped a small hole, and dipped my hand in the pit of travel necessities to get some chips and nuts. I was popping and chewing like normal, not a care in the world, until I realized it was still ramadan! I was so embarrassed for how many fasting people were there seeing me chew pleasurably, and looking back, recalling how many sharp stares I got. Face palm! (Cue song: It’s too late to apologize : ])

Aboard the plane, the hunger was taking its toll and I wasn’t even sure if food will be served, not only because it was a budget plane but more significantly, it was ramadan. I was planning on sneaking food already and then a heaven scent came my nostrils. I was worrying so much for the Muslim brothers and sisters because God knows how delicious it came to my senses. It must be terribly hard for them to stay sane and resisting. I thought it was for a fee but got the tray anyway. There were three instantaneous words to describe what I tasted– worst. plane. food. I was starving but curry + spicy + Middle Eastern rice just wouldn’t do it for my senses. I scraped the curry overcoat and munched on chicken meat alone.That’s the downfall of having a tongue for the familiar- you starve.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan to Amman! Without further ado, straight from the flight, with all the luggage in tow, we went straight to Mount Nebo! There’s simply no time to waste if you have 3 countries, with so much to see, to go to in 6 days.

Exhilarating! I only see this term in books! and suddenly in reality I am getting this close to a signage!

Some locals who first showed me Jordan’s brand of hospitality. The guy on the left asked me if he was included in the picture. He thought he was too big to fit. I’m giddy, we were laughing. I’m so happy and I just can’t hide it!

The strict “school principal” aka the tour guide kept rushing the giddy travelers as we keep on pausing and posing for pictures, and she kept worrying about the closing time. We. were. stubborn. haha

Front and back. Moses Memorial Stone Monument. Arabic text says something like God is encompassing (if I remembered what our local, good-looking tour guide Rahid answered right)

The Abu Badd. Rolling stone used as a fortified door of a byzantine
monastery in the old village of Fabunah once known as Kufer Abu Badd

That was a door? Hardcore ancient time coolness, right? And that’s Alfie, out travel agent slash tour guide either explaining history or complaining about our slow motion. haha (I didn’t like her this day, hence the “strict principal” term, but she made me cry the next day. She is something underneath it all)

We were the first group to arrive so we had the whole viewing deck to ourselves. All the time to take pictures, and several group pictures, at that.

(I’m not there of course) (Rahid, the guy in white on the far right, is our very eloquent local tour guide. Impressed tourist here.)

A visual representation of the holy land from this punto de vista. Mount Nebo is where God showed to Moses the promised land that will be given to the Israelites and that he would never enter. This is also where Moses was buried.

Moses’ view I suppose, looking at the holy land. (Well minus the balding heads)

Tourists or locals, I couldn’t tell. We were the first group to arrive at the mountain so we had the freedom to see the view and reflect. Imagine if you were the one in that moment–in the presence of God, telling you a never before revealed secret, choosing you as the pioneer news bearer, showing you His promised land, all these for the first time. Imagine that honor.

Brazen Serpent Statue

God sent plague to kill the rebellious Israelites in Exodus. He instructed Moses to erect a bronze serpent on a pole to stop
the plague. All who looked up at the raised serpent survived the plague. The curative serpent around a pole became the symbol of the pharmacies. Created by Italian artist Giovanni Fantoni.

Things you learn on travels. That’s why it looked so familiar. Pharmacies. (Aha moment!)

Mosaic inscription inside this beautifully crafted Mount Nebo Museum.

Our doktor and doktora couple with mother beside the stone mark.

The humbling view. (The downside of having the camera, you’re never in the picture. Not complaining, though : ] Already happy to have picturesque views plus a very willing model slash demanding boss. Her “hired” photographer gets bashed when she doesn’t see me taking her picture diligently! Everybody holding a camera pokes fun at our travel partners who passionately demands of us to take their picture! By everybody means husbands, including me. : ])

Walking down the aisle back to the bus and finally going to the hotel in Amman, the capital of Jordan, after this manic Monday.

Petra, you’re next!

Other beautiful things behind the spotlight here.