New York was a dream. I literally played Alicia Keys’s Empire State of Mind on my iPhone during the flight to get me in the groove #truestory. This was the part of the trip I was most excited about. I remember in my teens and early 20s daydreaming about one day working in New York like a badass career woman, in stilettos and all fasyon, Sex and the City levels.


Fast forward to my late 20s, I still had that movie scene dream but now stripped of the career sky high ambitions. I was just mind-blowingly happy to see it in the flesh, breathe its air, walk its streets, and it did not disappoint! I must have been a New Yorker in my past life. I felt so at home!


I walked myself to places even at night and I did not fear. It felt like I have been doing it my whole life. That’s one of the many good things about the US, I suppose– the lay-out is so well planned out, it’s so easy to navigate even for a geographically challenged woman like myself!


New York Architecture and Famous Landmarks

Empire State Building

Beyonce and JayZ’s residence, the Hop-on Hop-off tour guide said.

If that’s a cafe or something else, it must be so nice to be out in the open.

That Malcolm X show
McGee’s Pub was the inspiration behind How I Met Your Mother’s famous Mclarens. This is where Carter and Bays, the show’s creators used to hang out.

Lincoln Center

How lucky can I get? Of all the days I could’ve visited, we came at the peak of New York Fashion Week! We voyuered, of course! Paris Hilton, in a classic Hollywood fashion, in the flesh, in New York, paparazzi, bashers, body guards and all, walked in neon orange-spotlight-myself ensemble! Oh more cherries on top of this trip, pleaaaase!! That Travel Expo hardwork has definitely been made worth it at this point!

Streets of New York

Woman seen rallying on our way to the New York Times Square
Sky messages!
Summer Flea Market in New York
New York spotting: Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon

Staten Island

How many boroughs are there in New York? Our tour guide asked like a quiz bee master. The answer is 5, Staten Island being the 5th with Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

Brooklyn Bridge

 Manhattan Bridge

Libertas was France’s gift to the United States built by the same guy behind the Eiffel Tower. It is an apt sight welcoming immigrants from wherever they “escaped” from.


The First Date is my record holder first ever broadway show and it was awesoooome! Just about the perfect first show. And then the second one was The Phantom of the Opera. This, though, went downhill after the All I Ask of You song.


Well hear me out. I’m not a classic/period kind of person to begin with. And then the show came after the whole afternoon of walking around New York, the last stretch being at Central Park. So imagine the scenario after sweat and pumped up heart beat and then cold comfy theater seat and lullabyes. Yes. I bid the world good night in one of broadway’s longest running shows. I’m not proud.

Long Island


No cash. They are not fond of cash in here.

No cash. They are not fond of cash in here.

Can you see the cat’s face at left top corner?

Aboard the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) train as we go back to Long Island where we are staying at a friend’s place.

Trapeze, anyone?


 Time Square

Shooting scenes in New York, specifically at Times Square is common. Wouldn’t be shocked if the old man is actually David Letterman.

Central Park

Ohh Central Park, you’re everything they said you are!
New York, you’ve been a dream! If there’s only one state I can go back to, it’s got to be you!
I never really understood why New York was the only US state in my bucket list. Now I know why.
Alicia Keys sings, its streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you #truth.
(Thank you for the time, Popo, Ramoses, and most especially Kookie for being my official tour guide around New York! I will be back and we will be NYFW-ready this time!)