Streets of Rome

We spent the holidays in Rome. Heard the pope deliver his speech from the Holy Balcony in Vatican. Got astounded touring the Colloseo; now’s the day to just roam around the city and experience the Roman magic.

We walked through narrow alleys. Discovered vintage stores on sale and nabbed a few great finds. Ate where the locals do on a busy day, struggled to order food in English from a pure local Italian, illiterate of English (which is such a breath of fresh air), and threw coins in a fountain we had to find just because friends said we must not miss.

It was an endearing city. The dirtiest of all we’ve been, I think; the most metropolitan-abused part of Europe but with an at-home feel.

One of those places where you ask for street direction and the willing helper turns to his iPhone GPS to enthusiastically assist.

It was a chilly winter air, and we were in Rome. How lucky and blessed could this life be.

All memories etched in my mind, with these photos hoping to supplement what words cannot describe.

Enjoy my Travelthon, Rome leg!


Spanish Steps by day


Spray paint artist in action. There was a crowd build up circling him as he maneuvers into an artwork


The Pantheon, Rome
Pretty passionate street musician. Selling her album there, too
Roman street performers. Performance art is so aliiiive in Rome!
A portion of Rome from the top
Backpackers/field tripers. The future men of the world (in shorts)
The artist, the model, and Roman men in costume ready to pose
The youth of the nation (in a field trip I suppose)
In the vicinity of the Spanish Steps and the very odd fountain
Portrait sketching area. Lovely site
More artworks
Busy aisle
A very busy Spanish Steps
The Roman fashion street
Prada building and a rescue operation live! Major action in Rome! Adrenaline overload!
The Spanish Embassy near the Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps by night. I’m not sure why a crowd build up
train station
Piazza di Trevi
Fontana di Trevi. Of course, we threw a coin and made a wish!
Streets of Rome by our window
Giant hotel key and our last Roman twilight