Like a gene, the American dream has been in-borne in (almost) every Filipino.

We grew up in giant cans of finger-coloring Planters Cheeseballs and triangles of Toblerones from US base Duty-Free Ports.

We learned our first vocabularies from American pop songs.

We built dreams from the infinite pool of Hollywood movie scenes that have swooned us over. Dream men included :p.

It would be easy to understand that we all have our magnified and photoshopped image of how the “greatest country in the world” would be like.

It’s definitely in the bucket list.

A Travel Expo Convert

First chance I got, I didn’t pass up on my mom’s invitation and obliged to march and queue up to a Travel Expo.

The airfare was irresistibly half the normal price! (I will be advocating for this travel expo for the rest of my life!)

The Trip

The first leg of my America initiation trip was San Francisco.

As soon as I landed in San Francisco International Airport, boy did I think I was back in NAIA.

The arrival area was flocked with men and women of my same make, only in slanged accents and a lot of super thin eyebrows!

San Francisco is a city brimming with art and soul, and one ambivalent weather, too!

It could just be rightfully nicknamed the city of layers!

Without further blah, this is San Franscisco in pictures.

The Batcave

Super 8 Hotel


San Francisco International Airport

Only in San Francisco

Gilroys Outlet Store

Twin Peak

If I’m not mistaken, these are among the Victorian, Queen Anne, and Edwardian townhouses in Hayes Valley. Beautiful, movie-like houses.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is practically a rusty-red color in the naked eye.

It was named as such because of the color it becomes during the sunset.

Bike and runner’s lane along the Golden Gate Bridge
That’s when it becomes the “golden” gate bridge that it is– during the magnificent sunset!
Look at how the horizon turned gold!
One of the best Vietnamese restaurants, I found in San Francisco


Fisherman’s Wharf

I was surprised to see a garbage digger in a first world country as I always am.

I have this notion that the level of economic wealth of these countries can’t leave the citizens hungry and homeless.

Travel reminds me that no country, no matter how beautiful, is perfect.

In the same light, each place, even if the world makes us perceive it too be the worst, the dirtiest, scariest, poorest, has something beautiful to show.

The biking culture
the famous cable car system of San Francisco.

Of course, when they said cable cars, I was looking for those boxes hanging by the cliff, moved by wires, dangling in the sky. I couldn’t be anymore wrong!

Ghirardelli Square

People have an affinity for the grass!

Not following instructions, these species! :p
talk about one with earth


and total relaxation!


San Francisco Port

Parking Machine

I had to photograph this because up to that time, I really don’t know how it works. It seems to me like you can run away from it anytime. Or maybe I just live in so much dishonesty

Lombard Street

Lombard Street is a Guinness record-holder for the windiest road! It was practically driving through an intestine.

Union Square

San Francisco Cable Car System

The line
A funny bunch

I was taking photographs in a moving car and I got the 1st random proposal in San Francisco from that guy in green. They all went loud and too excited, a little wack to say the least. That was my welcome to America.

San Francisco City Hall

Streets of San Francisco

It’s true! There are hotels for dogs!!!

It still didn’t seem real, stepping foot in the country that gave my country so much to mirror and aspire to have and become.

I’m still grateful up to this point. I’m more thankful, though, that I got to roll over their “greener” pasteur at an age and mindset when I know, more or less, the dynamics of the world.

I got to see with an eye, a social understanding, and an appreciation of a traveler.

I was not overwhelmed. I loved my country more. That’s what travel does to you, anyway. Makes you see where you came from in a different light. Makes you see you in a different light.

I needed more time, though.

San Francisco art scene, I have to come back for you.