There are several attractions to experience in the long stretch of Laguna.

Our Southern road trip led us to what delightful site tucked without flocks of tourists in San Pablo– The Lake Sampaloc.

A little help from Google and I learned that this is the largest in the 7 lakes of San Pablo, Laguna (and whoa, there were 7 of them!) It is an inactive volcanic crater, too!

Marvel on the beauty!

It’s a perfect spot for contemplating.

A quiet little corner, simple life. Beauty.

South-Roadtrip_003 South-Roadtrip_021 South-Roadtrip_030 South-Roadtrip_031 South-Roadtrip_033

If you’re having travel withdrawal and want a quick little dose to soothe you, Region 4 in the South is close by.

Assemble the troop, have the SUV checked, and head to the Southern road trip trail!

Laguna-Quezon provinces offer a looot of no-rave delightful discoveries.

This beautiful Lake Sampaloc is just one dot in this loooong road down Luzon.

Travel doesn’t have to burn your pocket. Just a little creativity (including Google research skills), a free spirit, and you have endorphins swimming through your bloodstream!

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