Classic story– I chatted with a friend asking if he will adopt me if I happen to visit Singapore. He only asked that he be informed ahead so he can file for an appropriate notice for leave. After series of exchanges, I replied with a “booking confirmed” message, to his shock, and our excitement.

I fell in love with Singapore. It was my kind of environment.

Clean, small (removes the intimidation of a big city), commuter-friendly, modern, progressive, beautiful. I felt at home. At first visit, I was able to commute by myself back to our accommodation. How amazing was that for a geographically-challenged woman like I. It was entertaining and it lived up to my vacation expectations.

Plus they have Ikea.

Esplanade. Singapore’s Opera House
Sentosa Underwaterworld Oceanarium
Singapore Zoo
Dolphin Lagoon

Clarke Quay

Clinic at Clarke Quay